Hello, I’m Kaylie! I am 18 years old and I am a Freshman in college. I live in Arizona, which sometimes sucks cause its like 100 degrees all the time. (unless its winter then it’s a great place to be!) I have wanted to start a blog for some time now and I’m pretty excited it’s finally happening! Now I need to warn you! I said I wanted to START a blog I never said I’m a good writer 😉

Now that we have a few basics down, I thought I should tell you why I named my blog “it’s a Working Title”. Well, to start off the original domain I wanted was taken, some other fool out there came up with the same brilliant domain as I did: Thenokneesinmysocksbuttheygoallthewaytomybutt.org. I know, I know, its amazing. But unfortunately I was to late, I thought about giving up their but like every hero in every movie I kept going. I persisted, And eventually I got to the point where I was able to bullshit my way through half of the paragraph! Yes, I know, I’m a great actress. You believed all of that didn’t you? Well, I guess that was the point right? Maybe not, I don’t know, I don’t really have a plan of any type for this about page I’m just kind of typing and seeing where it goes! I know I want it to reflect how I write by blog post (which I assume will have some humor) but the thing is, I can’t predict the future. I don’t know what will be on my blog in a year because I don’t know who I will be in a year. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t have a plan for my blog. I have an idea of what I want it to be, but I don’t think I should share it. That would be unfair to you because I know it has a good chance of not turning out the way I think it will.

Ok, going back to the name. I got the idea for my domain in a place every good thinker gets their best ideas, the shower. Yes, thats right, I’m a shower thinker. If you don’t know a working title by definition is a title used while a product is being created, whether it be a movie, book, or even a song. I thought this would be a great title for my blog for 3 reasons. 1. I am terrible at coming up with cute titles that have my name in them. Seriously, my best idea was Kaylie’s Corner. I know its so bad.. 2. I’m a very indecisive person so to me “it’s a working title” sounds like its subject to change which puts me at ease (even though I know it won’t) 3. I really like the name! It sounds cool and it makes me seem mysterious (which is pretty cool considering I’m the most awkward person I know)

Well, I think that a long enough about page. right? ya.. sure.. maybe it’s too long… But who really cares if its long right?! You can stop reading whenever you want! And if you got this far then you deserve a pat on the back! Go ahead, I’ll wait. Now that you’ve awarded yourself I would like to thank you! Not just for reading this entire page but also for visiting my site.. and sharing it on all your social medias 😉



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