Beach & Pool Wear

Ok. So, I know it has been quite some time since I have posted anything on to the blog.. Sorry.. But also not sorry? From now on I will do my best to post regularly and I will learn how to manage my time better so I can no longer use school as an excuse ;). But that is the excuse that I am using now 🙂 Ok? Ok.

For my first official post back at it, I’m going to go back to a few weeks ago when I was in California. I got to spend an entire week sitting on the beach and listening to the waves hit the shore as I finally finished a book I’ve been trying to read every summer for the three years and getting a sunburn in places that you don’t want to be burnt. But what I did on the beach really isn’t what I wanted to talk about, it’s what I wore.

Inspired, like most this season, by the release of the new Baywatch movie, I went on the hunt for a good red one-piece swim suit and I obviously found one. I’m wearing nonother than a high-leg-low-back suit from a prestigious brand, Hollister ;). Hollister is definitely one of my favorite places for find bathing suits every summer. They don’t fade, they hold up really well, they come in a ton of styles and colors, and, best of all, they are incredibly cheap!

Hollister Swim Wear

Red One-piece

(Plus they’re all on a great sale right now!)

The top I wore over the suit to the beach is one of my favorite thrifted menswear pieces. What can I say, I love the look of a good oversized button up! For this, I would suggest going outside of your comfort zone and shopping the men’s side of the store and look/try on all different styles and sizes. Most stores have several different cuts of button up and in varying fabrics so don’t be afraid to ask an associate. Also, it might be helpful to grab multiple sizes too because some brands will run small/large.

Abercrombie Signature Fit

Abercrombie Relaxed Fit

If you want more of a broken in look and feel from the shirt I would suggest thrifting! Thrift shops are a great way to get the best bang for your buck and it’s more eco-friendly. Plus, nothing beats that feeling of finding an amazing piece after looking through loads of crap (not literal crap). So, roll up those sleeves, keep your mind open, and get digging.


Another way I wore the suit was with shorts! The great thing about a one-piece is that it is pretty much a body suit that is socially acceptable to wear without pants. So, why not wear it with some? I paired these Abercrombie shorts with a fun Izod shirt I found thrifting.

High-Waisted Distressed Shorts

(Also on sale 😉 )


5 Things to do Before Christmas

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas season! There are many things you can do to get yourself into the Christmas spirit, Here are some of my favorites!

1. Zoo Lights

If you haven’t heard of something like this, basically the zoo puts up all these lights and you go and look at them. Sounds lame, I know, but its soo cool! Another alternative, if you’re looking for something cheaper, is driving around and looking at houses Christmas lights! Whether they’re elaborate or just a simple string of lights, it is always fun with the right people.

2. Christmas Tree Shopping

This is something I have always wanted to do and although I didn’t actually get a tree, looking at all the options and smelling the refreshing pine is super relaxing!

3. Homemade Hot Chocolate

As soon as colder weather comes around (and usually even before) I crave hot chocolate. Usually, I just get the powder stuff and mix it with milk but this year I wanted to do something a little different and make it from scratch. I “followed” this recipe but made/suggest a few changes. First, I put in WAY too much chocolate so use as much as it says to. Second, I didn’t actually follow any of the directions so you should probably do that too. Third, I would suggest using milk chocolate instead of semisweet because you can definitely taste the semi part. Overall, any hot chocolate is a good hot chocolate to me, especially if it is homemade 😉

4. Make Cookies

Cookies are the typical Christmas activity but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a must do for the season! If the plain old cookies don’t satisfy your thirst for creativity, try making sugar cookies and testing your piping skills by doing some fun designs! Don’t worry if you mess up, the cookie will taste good either way 🙂

5. Ice Skating

I feel like this is something so many people like so I have to mention it in this post! Dressing up in ugly sweaters and Santa hats and heading to an outdoor rink is fun whether you’re good at skating or not! (trust me, I know cause I am terrible)


Once again, it’s not about what you’re doing it’s about who you’re with! Christmas season isn’t about getting presents or getting that cute picture for your Instagram, it’s about spending time with your family and friends! So, while you’re doing these activities remember to put down the phone for a while and spend time with the people around you 🙂

Also, leave a comment letting me know what your favorite things to do during Christmas time are!



My Americana

Hi, everyone! Before I get into my outfit, I’d like to point out some slight changes on the blog! Well, ok, really just one change (So far 😉 ) I changed my banner picture! It is not updated with a new fall inspired feel. Fall is probably one of my favorite seasons (Partly because it’s not 1000 degrees outside anymore) and I cannot wait to post some fall outfit posts! I also changed it because I recently changed my hair (I’ll go more into detail about it in an upcoming post!) and this will be the last post featuring my blonde hair! Crazy, I know, but (kinda) sadly true.

Americana Outfit with white wall and warm light

I called this post “My Americana” because this is my take on the Americana-inspired trends that were circulating throughout this past summer, which had definitely been an obsession of mine. From short-short to the red, white, and blue colors my style took a long Fourth of July vacation for the summer and I. LOVED. IT.

Outfit shot of Americana inspired OOTD

My outfit contains a lot of basic pieces and I’m pretty sure that’s why I liked it so much. I am wearing a baseball style t-shirt from Forever 21, high-waisted shorts from Brandy Melville (hopefully a DIY version will be coming soon!), a skinny black belt, and a blue bandana tied around my neck. The bandana trend was one of my favorites this summer and I am praying that it will transition into fall!

Black booties from TargetThe "oh hey you can see my bra" picture

For my shoes, I wore black booties from Target. Get ready to see these a lot cause I am in LOVE with them.

Look at that Blonde hair move!

I have to get away, I have to get away, you know the songThe "oh my god, the cops!" Picture

Jump Jump everybody

Well, that’s all I have for today, but stick around cause there’s always more to check out! Also, I may or may not have another change on the site by my next post so make sure to come back and check that out!

Before I go I want to thank Rachel for taking some amazing pictures for me and also showing me an awesome location. Check out her blog, she’s cool 🙂



Peace out man.


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Maui, Hawaii, USA: Take me to Lahaina

Hi everyone! Here are the rest of the pictures from my trip to Maui! I tried to break these posts up by area so this post mostly consists of photos in Lahaina! I’m also throwing in our underwater photos from my parents go-pro. We did some snuba while we were on a snorkeling tour and I LOVED it! Snuba is a hybrid of scuba diving and snorkelling so you end up with all the benefits of scuba diving without having to go through all the training. I always thought it would be super cool to scuba dive and this only solidified my dream to get a scuba certification! I know, I know, why in the world would you get a certification for a water activity in ARIZONA?! Well, it is only a dream and although I think it would be the sickest thing ever, I don’t think it will happen anytime soon. Scuba diving was something I always thought was interesting and I’m really glad to know that I’ve had an experience that confirms all my suspicions! Anyways, this post isn’t about snuba (well not entirely) it’s about pictures! Hope you enjoy.

Black Sand Beach Maui Hawaii Black Sand Beach Maui Hawaii sand Black Sand Beach Maui Hawaii Waves

These were from when we were in Hana and the photos above was actually the beach right behind the place we stayed at! It was absolutely beautiful! The photos below are from the Pipiwai trail to the Waimoku falls and the Seven Sacred Pools. Again absolutely stunning, from the bamboo forest to the hidden trail that takes you right up to the waterfall and the giant banyan tree! This was probably my favorite hike I’ve ever done!Pipiwai trailPipiwai trail BambooPipiwai trail waterfallPipiwai trail Banyan treePipiwai trail BridgePipiwai trail Bridge with mom

Proof that she was on the bridge ;PPipiwai trail Bamboo forestPipiwai trail with its a working titlePipiwai trail to the Waimoku falls afarPipiwai trail to the Waimoku falls Closer

Pipiwai trail to the Waimoku falls UpSeven Sacred Pools oceanSeven Sacred Pools afar
Seven Sacred Pools landscape
Road to hanaMaui SkyTunnel to lihaina

Beautiful LahainaMaui Lahaina Sunset   Honalua Bay Rooster in Hawaii Cardinal Named Larry

I named the bird Larry 🙂
Dole Whip and ice cream

One thing I had to do while on Maui was to watch the sunrise over Haleakala Crater. Now, we all know Hawaii is a chain of volcanos so it is pretty obvious that’s how this crater was formed, but what is really cool about is that is is 10,000 ft in elevation. So, driving up this mountain you go from nice warm tropical weather to 50 degrees with 30 mile per hour winds. I was freezing, couldn’t feel my fingers or my butt, and was a little dizzy from the altitude change but is was so worth it. Not only was the sunrise magically beautiful we also met some interesting people. This will be a morning I’ll never forget.

Haleakala Crater Sunrise Haleakala Crater Exposure
Haleakala Crater ElevationMaui Snorkel tours

Snorkel in Maui

Snorkel in Maui Go Pro

Ooo, look at those sexy goggles 😉Snorkel in Maui GroproSnorkel in Maui gopro turtleSnorkel in Maui go pro turtleSnorkel in Maui go pro dadSnorkel in Maui turtle bay go proSnorkel in Maui turtle bay go pro snubaSnorkel in Maui turtle bay gopro snubaSnorkel in Maui turtle bay gopro snuba funSnorkel in Maui turtle bay gopro snuba first one down


Maui, Hawaii, USA: Road to Hana

Well, I’m over a month late with this post but after a few technical issues and a whole lot of rummaging through photos, we are finally here! Here is a roundup of the first half of my recent trip to Maui:









IMG_1702 IMG_2745






Comment below if you see the hidden creature!!





Fun fact: the little cliff rock thing in this picture is featured in Jurassic Park right when they all arrive at the island!




I have many more photos to share with you but I think I’m gonna wait for the part 2 of this post. I hope you have enjoyed what I’ve shown you so far and I can’t wait to share the rest of them.