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Hi, everyone! Before I get into my outfit, I’d like to point out some slight changes on the blog! Well, ok, really just one change (So far 😉 ) I changed my banner picture! It is not updated with a new fall inspired feel. Fall is probably one of my favorite seasons (Partly because it’s not 1000 degrees outside anymore) and I cannot wait to post some fall outfit posts! I also changed it because I recently changed my hair (I’ll go more into detail about it in an upcoming post!) and this will be the last post featuring my blonde hair! Crazy, I know, but (kinda) sadly true.

Americana Outfit with white wall and warm light

I called this post “My Americana” because this is my take on the Americana-inspired trends that were circulating throughout this past summer, which had definitely been an obsession of mine. From short-short to the red, white, and blue colors my style took a long Fourth of July vacation for the summer and I. LOVED. IT.

Outfit shot of Americana inspired OOTD

My outfit contains a lot of basic pieces and I’m pretty sure that’s why I liked it so much. I am wearing a baseball style t-shirt from Forever 21, high-waisted shorts from Brandy Melville (hopefully a DIY version will be coming soon!), a skinny black belt, and a blue bandana tied around my neck. The bandana trend was one of my favorites this summer and I am praying that it will transition into fall!

Black booties from TargetThe "oh hey you can see my bra" picture

For my shoes, I wore black booties from Target. Get ready to see these a lot cause I am in LOVE with them.

Look at that Blonde hair move!

I have to get away, I have to get away, you know the songThe "oh my god, the cops!" Picture

Jump Jump everybody

Well, that’s all I have for today, but stick around cause there’s always more to check out! Also, I may or may not have another change on the site by my next post so make sure to come back and check that out!

Before I go I want to thank Rachel for taking some amazing pictures for me and also showing me an awesome location. Check out her blog, she’s cool 🙂



Peace out man.


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